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1. Informacje ogólne

Informacje ogólne
Nazwa Najlepszej Praktyki
Zastosowana przez
Danmar Computers
Rok zastosowania
Opis działania


Główny cel programu

The main goal of the project was the creation of training tool that focuses on two aspects:

  • Adaptation of methodology to intercultural environment
  • Improvement of training content
Human Resouces and Training Managers, Managers, Employees
Słowa kluczowe
Training needs, rising of vocational competencies

Danmar Computers
ul. Hoffmanowej 19
35-016 Rzeszów

2. Wstęp

IN-WORKER project is based on the results obtained from the previous Leonardo Pilot Project "Methodology to Prevent Training Needs among Workers over 45 in Metal Sector", developed from 2002 to 2004, financed by the European Commission and supported by the Spanish National Agency. The results of that project were adopted to be a supportive tool for Managers in order to facilitate their work in diversity environments – especially during recruitment of immigrants.

3. Zasięg regionalny


4. Cele

  • Identification of key issues of immigration and diversity in work place in Europe
  • Identification of techniques aiming at integration in work place
  • Preparation of special tool for training needs identification as a support for Managers in recruitment of immigrants

5. Plan działania

  • Project management
  • Transfer of FORMET tool
  • Tool improvement
  • Development of the e-learning tool
  • E-learning tool and contents validation
  • Valorisation
  • Evaluation  

6. Zastosowanie i wykonanie

The tool was implemented in all partners organisations and tested during the project. 

7. Rezultaty i korzyści

  • Innovative tool for recognition of training needs
  • Better Integration of immigrants in the work place
  • New intercultural skills
  • Better satisfaction of workers

8. Główne przeszkody i sposoby ich pokonania

The main problem was to make Managers confident with the online tool but once the skills were acquired, there were no more problems. 

9. Możliwość przeniesienia i powtórzenia

The practice hasn’t been replicated yet but it has potential to be replicated in any company or institution having Human Resources department. 

10. Wnioski

Allocating immigrant workers out of the formal work system and undermining their skills and knowledge is leading to marginalisation of foreign communities, loss of their motivation and of the advantages these could bring to entities, to the economy and to the society at large. When incorrectly managed, the incorporation of immigrant workers to a job can put them in a position of vulnerability, because of: the impossibility of adapting themselves to the new working environment; the poor continuous training they receive during their working life in order to adapt themselves to the changes happening in the workplace,  the non-forecast of the appropriate training needs for these workers, the arising of misunderstandings and conflicts between national and foreign workers that creates problematic environments. In order to manage the immigrant workers well, the Management company has to be appropriately prepared for this task and in this preparation the IN-WORKER tool can help.

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