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1. Informazioni generali

Informazioni generali
Nome della buona pratica
Certification of HR managers and HR specialists
Realizzata da
Latvian Association of Personnel Management (LAPM)
Anno di istituzione
Descrizione dell’azione

Unifies human resources management professionals  with aim to improve the efficiency of organisations and create  human-driven environment in Latvia by developing competence in human resources management field and promoting a strategic role of human resources management in organisations.

Obiettivo principale del programma

To be the best ideas developer and opinnion leader in human resources management field in Latvia.

Human Resouces and Training Managers
Parole chiave
HR management

Inga Grieze (Coordinator)

Latvian Association of Personnel Management

Phone: +371 67321145      

Mob. Ph.: +371 29163036      


Adress: Elizabetes 45/47, Riga, Latvia, LV-1010

2. Introduzione

A 75-100 Word Abstract on the described best practice, highlighting the framework, major actions, obstacles and achievements.

Since year 2007 LAPM provides Certification of HR managers and HR specialists to all interested persons, who would like to verify their competence in HR management field. Members of LAPM are legal and private persons, who avow mission and goals of LAPM and are interested in the management and development of the human capital. There are ca. 250 legal and 9 private members in LAPM. Since 2001 LAPM is the member of the European Association of People Management (EAPM).

3. Estensione territoriale


4. Obiettivi

The best practice was mainly targeted to benefit HR managers and HR specialists. The goals of Certification of HR mangers and HR specialists are:

  • promotion of HR manager’s and HR specialist’s knowledge, skills and acquirement improvement accordingly to international standards;
  • elevation and consolidation of HR manager and HR specialist professions prestige in Latvia. 

5. Piano d’azione

Certification of applicants is done by the Commission, which is generated by LPVA Board. LPVA Board appoints the President and 4 members of the Commission. President of the Commission shall attend all meetings of the Commission, by rotating the two members of the Commission but the Commission remaining the same one applicant for certification process. The Commission can make a decision only has a quorum if the meeting and meeting is attended by the President and two members of the Commission. Changes in the composition of the membership are carried out with LPVA Board. The Commission is empowered to invite experts to carry out the work without the right to vote. Commission meetings are recorded. Minutes are done by the coordinator of LPVA.

The certification of HR manager’s and HR specialist’s are advertised at least once a year. LPVA announces the certification in LPVA website and other media, as well as informing LPVA members via e-mail. Applicants within one month from the date of publication LPVA, in person or by mail shall submit application documents to LPVA.  Commission within one month review the applications and decide on the applicant's invitation to the 2nd round or the need to find additional information mation.

To submit documents for the certification of HR manager’s and HR specialist’s following documents are required:

1)    Work experience in personnel management:

  • HR manager’s: at least the last 5 years as a manager of staff, managing the personnel management department with administrative and / or functional duties to staff members;

Master's degree in social sciences or law or at least a bachelor's Degree / 2nd level higher vocational education or the social sciences;

  • HR specialist’s: at least the past 3 years has been the staff of specialist duties, ensuring Latvian HR specialist profession standard set of specialist staff duties and responsibilities in at least two standard in these areas.

At least the 1st level professional higher education personnel management, or Bachelor's Degree / 2nd level professional higher education in social, legal and educational sciences.

6. Implementazione e realizzazione

The implementation and realisation is done by Latvian Association of Personnel Management

7. Risultati e benefici

In 2007  - 13 Certified HR managers , 1 HR specialists

In 2008 – 2 Certified HR managers

In 2011 – 4 Certified HR managers , 8 HR specialists.

8. Principali ostacoli e soluzioni individuate

To attract more applicants. Due to the economical crises the number of HR manager’s and HR specialist’s decreased. As certification process has a fee not all specialists are willing to pay.

9. Replicabilità

The best practice has been not replicated somewhere else. It is repeated year by year. 

10. Conclusioni

In general the idea about certification of HR manager’s and HR specialist’s is very successful and it seems that will bring even better results and benefits in future.

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