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COMET - Communication for European Training Managers

1. General Information

General Information
Name of BP
COMET - Communication for European Training Managers
Implemented by
Tk Formazione Srl Firenze - Toscana
Year established
Description of the action

The adult education and learning system occupies an important role in terms of socioeconomic growth, active citizenship and social responsibility. That’s why effective internal and external communication processes are fundamental for the development of innovative learning products and services and to make them more attractive to potential beneficiaries. The communication issues in this sector concern internal staff, other stakeholders and project partners at local, national and international level and adult learners.

Principle aim or goal of the program

The aim of the project is to strengthen the Lifelong Learning Organizations (LLOs) system by helping managers to gain ownership of a set of communication tools to be employed for reaching personal, company and community goals and meet the challenges of their profession and develop a training programme for them.

European training manager, Managers, management staff
communication skills, training

Michela Calabrese

Viale Gramsci, 73

50121  Florence - IT

Phone: +39 055 2466005


2. Introduction

Partners worked work on the project in order to strengthen Lifelong Learning Organisations (LLO) system by helping managers to gain ownership of a set of communication tools to be applied for reaching personal, company and community goals and to meet their challenges of their profession.

3. Regional extent


4. Goals

  • Improve the communication in the LLOs in order to foster the effective development of working processes, raising the total quality of LLO system;
  • Foster the LLOs external communication networking processes with other providers and/or private and public organizations in order to foster best practice exchange with other countries and to cultivate intercultural awareness
  • Develop a Grundtvig In-Service training course on internal and external communication for LLO managers to foster their communication and team-building skills and to improve the quality of the courses and services marketed

5. Action Plan

  • Needs assessment
  • Development of the course
  • Implementation of the course
  • Evaluation of the course

6. Implementation and realisation

The course had two editions and now there are new editions planned. 

7. Results and benefits

  • Project Website:
  • Project leaflet in all partner languages
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • COMET Grundtvig In-Service training course with new editions in 2011
  • Training Curriculum, Trainers Guide and Training Manual

8. Main hurdles and their solutions

The challenge was the recruitment for the first edition of the course but due to well organised dissemination, it was successful. 

9. Replicability or Repeatability

In the long term beneficiaries will be staff who will benefit from a more satisfying, efficient, human orientated working environment and participants in courses will benefit the increased quality of course content, structure and delivery.

New editions of COMET Course:

7-11 May 2012

1-5 October 2012 in Florence Italy

21 - 25 November 2011 in Porto Portugal

10. Conclusions

The COMET project is a two-year project co-funded by the LLP (Grundtvig-Multilateral Projects). Professionally trained leader in directing and managing educational institutions. The leader in terms of psycho-prepared in terms of motivation, effective communication, positive attitude to the employee and the organization: knowledge and skills in organizational management, change management, interpersonal skills, quality management.

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