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Certified Management Consultant CMC

1. General Information

General Information
Name of BP
Certified Management Consultant CMC
Implemented by
Latvian Association of Business Consultants
Year established
Description of the action

The CMC designation is a valuable tool to help executives select a management consultant. It indicates that individuals meet the profession’s standards of competence and ethics. Certification by the Institute of Management Consultants is the mark of excellence among management consulting professionals.

Principle aim or goal of the program

When you see the initials CMC following a consultant’s name, it means that he or she is a Certified Management Consultant and has met the strict certification requirements of the Institute of Management Consultants USA, Inc. Candidates for Institute certification undergo a thorough investigation of their consulting experience. CMC (Certified Management Consultant) is a certification mark awarded by the The International Council of Management Consulting Institutes and represents evidence of the highest standards of consulting and adherence to the ethical cannons of the profession. Less than one percent of all consultants have achieved this level of performance.

SME managers, VET centres, research centers
Business, consultant, certificate

Latvian Association of Business Consultants 

Dainis Locāns

AK 60, Rīga, LV-1058

Tel. +371 29267840


2. Introduction

When you see the initials CMC following a consultant’s name, it means that he or she is a Certified Management Consultant and  has met strict certification requirements of the Institute of Management Consultants in his or her country. The initials mean the consultant has met world class standards of competence, ethics and independence, and is eligible for reciprocity between ICMCI member institutes. The total number of CMC members worldwide in year 2010 – 8080 members.  

3. Regional extent

Cross-border best practice because CMC Consultants are recognisable all around the world.

4. Goals

From the 2008th On the 25th August LBKA is accredited and admitted as a full member of the International Council of Management Consultants Institute Board, which provides the exclusive right to represent the international organization of the Latvian and other Baltic countries, thus fostering a sense of ICMCI uniform world standards, and ensuring the implementation and monitoring of Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian.

LBKA goal is to develop and maintain in line with global market demands and Latvian uniform consultant practice standards for existing and prospective management consultants, which includes necessary knowledge, experience and the pattern of behavior based on ethical, behavioral and professional codes. Management consultants are binding on all standard industry employed individual consultants, consultants in the small and large consulting companies, a special niche for consultants, corporate internal consultancy departments, consultants and advisors to groups of practitioners. It can also be used as a benchmark for the customer to make sure the consultant's proper standards of conduct and quality.

Difference from Professional Management Consultant to Certified Management Consultant:

 Professional Management Consultant 

A management consultant who views management consulting as a profession, who strives for self-improvement in the process of both management and management consulting and who subscribes to the code of ethics of a professional body of management consultants. 

Certified Management Consultant 

A professional management consultant who meets the relevant requirements of character, qualifications, experience, competence and independence established by the professional body issuing certification. 

5. Action Plan

The Certified Management Consultant qualification is awarded by National Professional Bodies (In case of Latvia - Latvian Association of Business Consultants ). These bodies are regularly assessed by ICMCI, the in practice owner of the qualification CMC, to ensure that they meet defined standards.  These standards are available on web site.  The standards require a candidate to demonstrate a level of competence in the defined areas, client experience and satisfaction, a defined degree of knowledge about the process of consulting and the business environment, a period of successful practice as a management consultant and adherence to a code of conduct and ethics. 

An initial approach  should be made to one's own national professional body and these are listed again on web 

Should a candidate be living and working permanently in another country, they may wish to contact the local professional body.  For those living in countries where there is not yet a local Institute, some of the larger professional Bodies (for example Australia, Austria, Canada, Holland, India, UK and USA) are experienced in assessing candidates from other countries. 

ICMCI encourages all professional management consultants to explore the options of obtaining this internationally recognized qualification in one of the modern business professions.

6. Implementation and realisation

Consultants awarded the CMC designation have demonstrated the following:

  • Minimum of a Bachelors degree from a recognized university.
  • Three or more (depending on country) years of experience in full-time consulting.
  • Owner or employee of a firm in independent practice, or internal consultant in organization meeting the Institute's independence criteria.
  • Demonstrated satisfaction by five different clients of consulting performance in challenging engagements.
  • Produced descriptions of five client engagements, including problems addressed, solutions provided and results achieved.
  • Interview by a panel of senior consultants on approaches to and competencies in a range of consulting disciplines.
  • Written and oral ethics examinations, adherence to a rigorous code of ethics and submission to enforcement by an independent adjudication body.
  • Commitment to ongoing professional education.
  • Renewal of certification every three years.

7. Results and benefits

So far 16 Certified Management Consultants in Latvia.

CMC is a guarantee for the client that consultant is competent and knowledgeable, to provide objective and professional solutions, according to client's interests. CMC benchmark for consultants means common understanding and approach to the disposal of
potential and existing customers, as well as other management consulting industry.

Consultants benefits:

Internationally recognized management consultant quality benchmark for certifying the consultant identity and status of all stakeholders (customers,
colleagues, partners and civil society) circle. Possibility to extend personal and business networking, opening new markets and potential approaches
business opportunities. Provide continuity of knowledge and expertise development, providing high added value services. Promote the visibility and prestige of the profession society.

CMC qualification on a voluntary basis (including regular quality assessments.  The main benefits are:

  1. International recognition:
    • CMC is a unique and worldwide competence standard for individual management consultants
    • CMC ensures that certified management consultants serve their clients with high level competence and professionalism
  2. Elitist international community of management consultants:
  3. Public Relations and networking platforms provided by the National Institutes of Management Consultants and ICMCI
  4. Increase of transparency, security and confidence for clients 
  5. Improvement of the profession´s image

CMC – Benefits for Clients
CMC ensures:

  • Consulting: performance, experience and ethics
  • Consultants: knowledgeable, skilful, competent, trustworthy
    • thus facilitates the selection and evaluation of adequate management consultants
    • Monitoring on a regular basis ensures a mature management consulting performance
    • Permanent education secures fundamental and up-to-date knowledge

CMC – Benefits for consultants

  • In-house access to CMC professional qualification
  • Title of CMC can be obtained
  • Portable internationally recognized professional qualification
  • Lasting formal recognition of training, development and experience
  • Discipline of continued professional development
  • Route for engagement with profession outside practice
  • Contributes to attraction of being employed as a professional within practice

CMC – Benefits for accredited practices

  • External recognition of excellence of training and development of consultants – measured according to approved international standard
  • Enhances stature of practice with clients showing otherwise invisible internal efforts
  • Increases recognition of staff achievements
  • Provides incentive for staff for continued professional development
  • Provides structure for monitoring CPD
  • Gives incentive in quality recruitment
  • Establishes membership of practice in DMR including networking, influencing policy and strategy

8. Main hurdles and their solutions

Candidates MUST have at least 3 years full-time management consulting experience in order to proceed to this step 

9. Replicability or Repeatability

The best practice been replicated in France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, China Russia and perhaps also in some other countries. In total approximately in 46 countries in the world.

10. Conclusions

Only National Institutes of Management Consultants can apply for ICMCI
membership. To become full member the institute:

  • must be a legal entity and has been in existence for four years or more
  • must be the recognized national professional organization for independent management consultants
  • must be formally committed to maintaining the highest professional standards among its members
  • must have a formal certification/registration process meeting ICMCI’s minimum standards
  • must have a Code of Professional Conduct meeting ICMCI’s minimum standards
  • must have a governing council or committee prepared and empowered to affirm on behalf of its members support for the aims and objectives of ICMCI and agreement in principle to such international standards (definitions, codes, guidelines, etc) as may be agreed upon from time to time by the ICMCI
  • All correspondence and documentation concerning ICMCI must be in English, the official language of the ICMCI. 

Provisional Membership 
Admission as a Provisional Member of ICMCI is open to the organized entity of any country which intends to be the recognized national professional institute for individual management consultants, and:

  • is formally committed to maintaining the highest professional standards among its members
  • subscribes to the minimum Code of Professional Conduct of ICMCI and has installed this Code pending development of its own Code
  • intends to develop a formal certification/registration process
  • has a governing Council or Committee prepared and empowered to affirm on behalf of its members support for the aims and objectives of ICMCI and to accept in principle such international standards (definitions, codes, guidelines, etc.) as may be agreed upon from time to time by the ICMCI

Update and Re-accreditation 
Members of ICMCI will:

  • Update the content of their Membership Profile in the Website annually at the time of Membership renewal. Submit interim participant and contact changes as they occur.
  • Undergo a mandatory re-assessment process every three years from the commencement of their initial membership.

Provisional Restrictions 
Provisional Members are subject to the following restrictions:

  • A Provisional Member is a non-voting member
  • By its first anniversary as a Provisional Member, the organization must have its own Code of Professional Conduct consistent with ICMCI standards
  • By its second anniversary as a Provisional Member, the organization must have a formal certification/registration process consistent with ICMCI standards
  • A Provisional Member may retain its provisional status for not more than two years at which time it must qualify for regular membership or be dropped altogether from the ICMCI rolls; except that a Provisional Member which has not been in legal existence for four years at the end of two years may retain its status until it has been in existence for four years
  • Acceptance of Provisional Member status is subject to the above conditions, and may be validated by the Chairman of ICMCI and one member of the Membership Committee.

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